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Please keep in mind, when calling, we do not have a receptionist, so more likely than not you will get the voicemail. Please be patient and leave a message with your name, phone number and a brief message, as we are either with a client or on the other line. You will receive a call back at our earliest convenience. Without a phone number, we cannot call you back, so please remember to leave your phone number. Thank you!

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Alternative Holistic Therapy collects your name, number, & e-mail address, for the sole purpose of being able to communicate with you as a client or future client. This information will not be shared with any other companies or person's for any reason. You can correct and update your information at anytime by calling 916-224-0436 or emailing me at All information is kept secured on my business laptop through the use of square, McAfee anti-virus and keeping the computer locked whenever I am away from my desk. Policy changes are sent out through a mass email sent out to all new, current, and potential future client's that have shared their email address with me. Seeing as I am owner, operator and the only employee, I can personally guarantee that no misuse of personal information will occur. When and if this this changes, I will update this policy. Thank you! 

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